A stonemason trained in Bavaria, Götz Arndt graduated from Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1992 and collectively directs the material/space laboratory with Fabrice Vannier and Philippe Renault. Sculptor, his mineral, minimalist and poetic works are mostly made in situ. At the heart of public or private space, they play with the present architecture, even if it means creating interesting discrepancies. Resistance to time is therefore one of Götz Arndt's concerns, in addition to the relationship between volume and space.


Concrete, shells, granite, steel… the materials used are as massive as they appear fragile and light in sculptures that defy weightlessness. His workshop explores materials, their issues and their shaping, taking into account space, lines of force, the density of materials and multiple possible variations in shapes. He has carried out public commissions in Germany, Luxembourg and France and exhibits in Europe and Asia. His works are present in private and public collections.