Composite Materials

Born in 1986, Jérémy Berton graduated from Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2010. His sculpture questions reality and its representations.

The everyday forms he appropriates, transposed and synthesised using various materials, take on a poetic, left-field dimension. Tinged with humour, his works - a subtle mixture of composition, balance, use of scale and illusion - compel the attention and upset perspectives. Among his recent exhibitions: POTCB (Orleans, 2017), La Vigie (Nîmes, 2017), La Vallée (Brussels, 2017), 67th Salon Jeune Création (2017), Centre d’Art Camille Lambert (Juvisy, 2013) and the Abbaye de Quincy (Tanlay, 2011). He is co-founder of the New Folder association and the Atelier Entre-Deux in Pantin.


photo credit: © Hugo Aymar