Studio professor

Michel Blazy works with materials and living things. Favouring humble materials, generally taken from his everyday life, he presents free, evolving proposals that assert the passage of time. Whether it's his early experiments with lenses, his walls that peel or his fountains of moss, his works celebrate the mutations of matter and leave room for chance and the unpredictable. Always a humorous and poetic critic of contemporary consumerism, he questions the status of the work of art and proposes an alternative that reconciles the artificial and the natural, technology and the living world. 

His work can be found in a number of public collections. Recent exhibitions include Six pieds sur terre, Le portique, Le Havre (2022); Multiverse, La Loge, Brussels (2019); We Were The Robots, Moody Center for the Arts, Houston, (2019); Viva Arte Viva, Venice Biennale (2017); Living Room II, Maison Hermès, Tokyo (2016).



Photo : Hugo Aymar