Daphné Brottet has been teaching preparatory classes at Via Ferrata-Beaux-arts de Paris from the very begining where she guides her students through Modern and Contemporary Art with onsite visits to exhibitions and suggests extra focuses in relation to them. She displays a keen interest in fostering her students’ artistic development throughout their year of training.

She also lectures at the Philharmonie de Paris using her expertise to explain temporary.

PhD Student in Æsthetic, she is doing a reasearch on various philosophical matters of « screen », its metaphysical involvements and phenomenology belongings, the in between and the fringes that it provides. While on the way, she is exploring news potentialities with an « off screen » being. She is graduated from les Beaux-arts, obtained a Master of Art in the History of Contemporary Art and attended the selective Curatorial Training Program at l'Ecole du Magasin.

And then, she co-founded RESzone, a nonprofit organization which promotes a curatorial practice in itself and in the widest sens of the term.