Studio professor

Fluorescent paint for Rococo hangings, neo-romantic punk with a taste for opera, soaps and wigs, as well as portraits of Simone de Beauvoir and pop singer France Gall... no subject frightens Nina Childress. Her paintings indulge in all the delights of matter, colour and form, without shying away from a non-aggressive feminism and a "silly conceptuality" that is at once tender, tangy and perfectly assertive. It's not for nothing that the artist got her start in the 1980s, as a member of the French punk band Lucrate Milk, but also in '69 with the Ripoulin brothers, who worked as much in Parisian clubs as they did in the corridors of the metro. Since then, Nina Childress has never stopped painting, and her technical virtuosity combined with her taste for the quirky has continued to assert itself, leading her to teach at the Nancy School of Art from 2007 onwards.

Her energetic paintings can be found in numerous institutions (Musée d'Art Moderne de Paris, FRACS, FNAC, etc.). Nina Childress has had major solo exhibitions at the Mamco in Geneva in 2009, the Fondation Ricard in 2020, and the FRAC Méca in Bordeaux in 2021-2022.

© Gaby Esensten