Studio professor

The figures in Tim Eitel's paintings are usually depicted from the back, a little away or somewhere else. The artist induces the presence of a quasi-observer whose gaze embraces the anonymous passers-by who pass in front of him or her. They are caught in motion in neutral environments, outdoor landscapes and public places. Bathed in coloured greys and sober colours, these figures are as if in suspension, captured far from any affect. Peaceful, sensual and silent, his works, which inspire tranquillity and simplicity, take the viewer back to a dreamy solitude and raise the question of the other. 

Tim Eitel trained at the Fine Arts Schools of Halle and Leipzig in Germany, and was a resident at the Bethanien in Berlin in 2002. His work has been shown in numerous exhibitions, including at Kasteel Wijlre in the Netherlands, Kunsthalle Tübingen in Germany, the Essl Museum in Klosterneuburg in Austria, the Goethe Institut in Hong Kong and the Center of Gravity, Pace Wildenstein in New York.


Photo credit: © Hugo Aymar