Studio professor

Born in 1971 in Leonberg, Germany. Lives and works between Berlin and Paris.

The figures in Tim Eitel’s paintings, a little distant, sometimes somewhere else, most often shown from the back, question the external gaze. The artist implies the presence of an almost-voyeuristic observer, whose gaze envelops the anonymous passersby streaming before them. They are captured in movement, in neutral settings, from exterior landscapes to public places. Bathed in varied grays and sober colors, these figures seem to be suspended, held far from any affect. Tranquil, sensual, and silent, these works, which inspire quietness and simplicity, return the observer to a dream-like solitude and ask the question of the other. Trained at the fine arts schools of Halle and of Leipzig in Germany, Tim Eitel was a resident at Bethanien, Berlin in 2002. His work has been shown in numerous exhibitions, including at Kasteel Wijlre in the Netherlands, Kunsthalle Tübingen in Germany, Essl Museum in Klosterneuburg, Austria, the Goethe-Institut of Hong Kong and the Center of Gravity at PaceWildenstein in New York..

Photo credit: © Hugo Aymar