Studio professor

The whole body is involved in Dominique Figarella's abstract painting, which is both playful and learned. He has taught at the Villa Arson and at the Beaux-Arts in Nîmes and Lyon. Trained at the Villa Arson in the legacy of Supports/Surfaces, from which he has broken free, he never ceases to question the pictorial process in his approach. Gestures, accidents, traces such as splashes and imprints are integrated into his paintings with a sense of discrepancy and a touch of humour. The shapes and lines are sometimes supported by unexpected objects: a bag of goldfish, photographs, plasters, balloons, suction cups... This poetic painting, full of invention, even recently stepped out of its box to collaborate on Soapera, a choreographic show conceived with Mathilde Monnier (Centre Pompidou, 2010-2014). 

Her exhibitions in 2022-2023 include Des corps, des écritures, Musée d'art Moderne de Paris, Filiations 2, Espace de l'art concret (Mouans-Sartoux), Dominique Figarella, Galerie Anne Barrault, Imagetexte6, Topographie de l'art (Paris).