Contemporary Art

Editor-in-chief of the magazine Art Press (1991-1999), member of the editorial committee of the Revue Perpendicule (1995-1998), Jean-Yves Jouannais taught contemporary art at the University of Paris 8. Among other exhibitions: Topographies of war, Le Bal, Paris, 2011; La Force de l’art, Grand Palais (with J.-L. Froment and D. Ottinger), 2009; L’Idiotie, Pommery Experience #2, Reims, 2005; History of Infamy, Venice Biennale, 1995; A contemporary art from South Africa, La Défense, 1994. Among other publications: Artists without works (1997); Idiocy (2004); The Use of Ruins (2012); MOAB, Epic in 22 songs (2018).

Since 2008, he has devoted himself to the “Encyclopedia of Wars” conference cycle, a monthly event at the Center Pompidou.


Photo credit: © Adrien Thibault


Depuis 2013 :
Art contemporain