A graduate of Beaux-Arts de Paris with the congratulations of the jury in 2020 and winner of the Hatvany Prize in 2019, Gaspard Laurent teaches the course " Telling with pictures: storyboard " within the framework of the New Amateur Academy.


His artistic work revolves around drawn fictional works. The notion of comics interests him in that it is a composite language, requiring the interpenetration of the fields of text, image and sequence. This has led him to experiment with the narrative rhythm of a comic book box per page and to reflect on the physicality of the book as a sequential engine - whether it is the fold of the binding between two pages, or transposed to the exhibition space, the corner of a wall. His drawings find their finality in self-publishing or in the co-design of video games. They are an intermediary that allows him to move from one medium to another.



Photo credit: Adrien Thibault