English teacher

Originally from Massachusetts, U.S.A., David Reckford majored in Art History and French (UNC-Chapel Hill). In 2019, he received his PhD from the University of Nanterre with a Dissertation titled “Concentric Circles: esthetics and poetics of the New York Poets” about art and poetry in New York around 1960. After starting a career as a translator, David Reckford decided to teach the English language, which he currently does at Sciences Po Paris, the École du Louvre and at Beaux-Arts de Paris. His method is centered on commenting artworks with students, often in situ. Aside from his professorial activity, David Reckford is a practicing visual artists and a poet. He regularly shows work at the Cataumet Art Center (Bourne, USA) and various venues around Paris such as the library of Sciences Po Paris. His latest book of poetry is Explaining the Explanation (Gibbous Moon, 2020).


Depuis 2007 :

Monday 3 April 2023, de 09h00 à 12h00 : Séminaire de diplôme - Guitemie Maldonado | SALLE 2A