Printing and Publishing

Painting, screen printing, video, sound... Julien Sirjacq deploys his artistic work across different platforms with different collaborators. He co-founded “The Bells Angels” in 2009 with artist Simon Bernheim (musician of the group “10lec6”, Ed Banger label). Their multidisciplinary approach penetrates a wide range of mediums, from painting and installation to sound and publishing. It is through commissioned projects that they develop their hybrid editorial system, built like a conversation between book and exhibition: sound productions, installations, radio workshops, visual identity, exhibition catalogs, etc. They are collaborating with the Geneva Museum of Art and History, Confort Moderne and Comédie de Caen and are preparing a cycle of exhibitions in 2022-2023 in galleries and institutions.

After teaching at the Beaux-Arts de Bourges and Angers, Julien Sirjacq took charge of the screen printing workshop at the Beaux-Arts de Paris where he coordinates with Aurélie Pagès and Catherine de Smet an editorial practice module on the questions production and editorial distribution. This workshop involves the photosensitive as much as painting and takes into account the obsolescence of mediums in the digital age. It creates a bridge between mechanical, chemical and digital processes. He also organizes conferences at the School on the issues of image semiology, performance and subcultures.


Photo credit: © Hugo Aymar