Yes, a great school. Founded more than 400 years ago but at the cutting edge of today.

A School where the most venerable artists such as Watteau or Matisse were trained but also the most modern such as Brancusi, Amrita Sher-Gill, or César or the most contemporary such as Neil Beloufa, Stéphane Thidet or Farah Atassi.


A School where the teachers are artists, philosophers and scholars. Where the students frequent the galleries and contemporary art venues of Paris, where they work with the 400,000 works in the collection, from Leonardo da Vinci to Baselitz, from Annette Messager to Penone.


A school where today is taught, art as society and gender studies, such as life sciences, drawing or mosaic, as installation or digital. Finally a School where the singular is preferred to the conventional, where creation and culture are loved and students are accompanied.