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As part of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2022, the Beaux-Arts de Paris is participating in EuroFabrique, an agora and a major European art and design school, a vast space of experimentation around the idea of Europe that federates the energy and creativitý of young artists from all over Europe.


For four days, 400 students from French and European art schools are invited to come together to question and invent forms that carry the continent they inhabit. What does it mean to be European today? How to make Europe a desirable environment and horizon? How to connect it to the rest of the world, by which principles, links and attachments? If Europe is a project, how can we re-enchant it? Called upon to deconstruct yesterday's Europe to think of tomorrow's, they imagine new forms and new symbols, in the heart of the Grand Palais Ephémère.


The Wernher Bouwens studio of the Beaux-Arts in Paris invited the Christian Schwarzwald studio of the ABK in Vienna to design a joint project around the figure of the anti-hero.

Omnipresent in European cultures and necessary counterpoints to positive myths, anti-heroes enhance the brilliance of men and women through the excessiveness of their folly or their ridiculousness. But their legends also offer avenues to try to analyze the constraints of a reality invaded by disasters of all kinds to which we must give meaning.

On the occasion of EuroFabrique more than 200 drawings have traveled between Paris and Vienna for crossed interventions of students, they will be presented on a structure evoking a museum under construction.


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From February 7 to 10, 2022
Grand Palais Ephemera
Opening to the public on Feb. 10 from noon to 9 p.m., free admission upon presentation of health pass


A project of the Rmn - Grand Palais, the École des Arts Décoratifs and the ANdEA - National Association of Art Schools.