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Felicità Milieu des choses

Felicità Milieu des choses

The Beaux-Arts de Paris is pleased to partner with POUSH for the Felicità exhibition outside the walls, for the second consecutive year. Felicità Au milieu des Choses brings together thirty-five Félicités artists in 2020 and 2021. The works imagined to take over the 1 800 square meters of POUSH in Aubervilliers are the result of a collective work.


A program of animations and performances will punctuate this festive day.


With the artists Kenia Almaraz-Murillo, Chadine Amghar, Pauline d'Andigné, Amie-Sarah Barouh, Barbana Bojadzi, Lucas Bouan Tsobgny, Thibaut Bouedjoro-Camus, Félix Bouttier, Audrey Carmes, Javier Carro Temboury, Clara Champsaur, Diane Chéry, Clément Courgeon, Darya Danilovich, Gabriel Day-Boulongne, Elisa Florimond, Clédia Fourniau, Juliette Green, Théo Krief, Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos, Gaspard Laurent, Halldora Magnusdottir, Dylan Maquet, Elsa Michaud, Winnie Mo Rielly, Chalisée Naamani, Hedi Nabil, Keijiro Nagamine, Louise Rocard, Robin Rozenkranc, Lalie Thebault Maviel, Lucas Tortolano, Eugénie Touzé, Chloé Vanderstraeten, Constantin Von Rosenschild Paouline.


Practical information

September 10 - October 2, 2022
Wednesday to Sunday - 1pm-7pm
POUSH - 153 avenue Jean Jaurès, Aubervilliers
Line 7 station Fort d'Aubervilliers


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