From saturday 10 september 2022 to sunday 2 october 2022

Wed. to Sun. 1pm-7pm


153 avenue Jean Jaurès, Aubervilliers

At the initiative of the Beaux-Arts de Paris, Felicità Milieu des choses invites the thirty-five artists Felicità 2020 and 2021 of the Beaux-Arts de Paris to offer a very personal reading of the environment and its edges, on a proposal by the artist and curator Thomas Fougeirol.

"Each artist is a milieu around which multiple ecosystems gravitate, the result of a personal history and different socio-cultural contexts. How sensitive are we to other environments, to others in their environments? The world is full of objects and connections are made at lightning speed, the artist must slow down to make other things, other events with a deep and intimate resonance. The skin, the texture of these things and performances are like drums, they materialize deep sounds.

If some artists think of the thing as a target to be reached by planting its arrow in its middle, others explore its edges." Thomas Fougeirol

Organized outside the walls, the exhibition Felicità Milieu des choses is the result of a collective work. The works and performances have been imagined to take over the large 1,800 m2 plateau of POUSH in Aubervilliers.


A publication accompanies the exhibition.

Curated by Thomas Fougeirol.



Congratulated 2020

Among the 94 students who graduated in 2020, 14 were congratulated by the jury presided by Béatrice Gross and composed of Marc Bembekoff, Mohammed Bourouissa, Emilie Renard and Barthélemy Toguo.

Kenia Almaraz-Murillo, Amie-Sarah Barouh, Thibaut Bouedjoro-Camus, Audrey Carmes, Diane Chéry, Gabriel Day-Boulongne, Théo Krief, Gaspard, Elsa Michaud, Chalisée Naamani, Keijiro Nagamine, Winnie Mo Rielly, Robin Rozenkranc, Lucas Tortolano.

Congratulated 2021

Among the 123 students graduating in 2021, 21 were congratulated by the jury chaired by Thomas Fougeirol and composed of Alexandra Baudelot, Aude Cartier, Gaëlle Choisne, Marianne Lanavère, Julia Marchand, Myriam Mihindou and Matthieu Poirier.

Chadine Amghar, Barbana Bojadzi, Lucas Bouan, Félix Bouttier, Javier Caro Temboury, Clara Champsaur, Clément Courgeon, Pauline d'Andigné, Darya Danilovich, Elisa Florimond, Clédia Fourniau, Juliette Green, Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos, Halldora Magnusdottir, Dylan Maquet, Hedi Nabil, Louise Rocard, Eulalie Thebault Maviel, Eugénie Touzé, Chloé Vanderstaeten, Constantin Von Rosenschild Paouline.

Practical information

Subway : line 7 station Fort d'Aubervilliers
Bus : 152, 330, N42
Bicycle : vélib station at 3 mn walking distance

Free access


Festive opening day on Saturday, September 10

Program of animations and performances :

3:30 pm : Audrey Carmes

4pm : Diane Chéry

4:30 pm : Clément Courgeon

5pm : Elsa Michaud

5:30 pm : Lucas Bouan

6pm : Lucas Tortolano