Penser le présent with Alison Saar and Xavier Veilhan

Wednesday 26 June 2024

7:00pm - 8:30pm

Amphithéâtre d'Honneur

14 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris


American artist Alison Saar (born 1956) has been chosen to create the Olympic sculpture in Paris, which will be inaugurated on 23 June 2024.

Born into a family of Los Angeles artists, Alison Saar's work deals with issues of justice and compassion, honouring people who have been under-represented and marginalised in the past, or continue to be so today.

Ateliers ouverts 2024

From Friday 28 June 2024 to Saturday 29 June 2024

12:00pm - 7:00pm

Beaux-Arts de Paris

14 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris et 126 rue des Rosiers, 93400 Saint-Ouen


Detailed programme Ateliers Ouverts 2024


The Ateliers Ouverts are a unique opportunity each year for the general public and professionals to discover the young creativity and artistic diversity produced by students at the Beaux-Arts de Paris on the Saint-Germain-des-Prés and Saint-Ouen sites.

Penser le Présent avec Apolonia Sokol

Tuesday 21 May 2024

7:00pm - 8:30pm

Amphithéâtre des Loges

14 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris


Artist Apolonia Sokol, a graduate of the Beaux-Arts in Paris, is known for her political stance on portraiture. During this meeting, she will talk about the film portrait - Apolonia, Apolonia - recently released in cinemas, which director Léa Golb devoted to her over a period of thirteen years. 

From her studies at the Beaux-Arts in Paris to the recognition of her work, the destinies of Oksana Shachko, one of the founders of Femen, and of the director, are also mirrored in Apolonia. A sorority with three faces, facing the test of today's world.

Collections parlées with Vincent Barré

Thursday 23 May 2024

7:00pm - 8:30pm

Amphithéâtre d'Honneur

14 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris


Artist Vincent Barré talks to his guests - François Barré, Gabrielle Conilh de Beyssac, Sylvain Dubuisson, Gérard Dupaty, Cyril Neyrat and Mathieu Pilaud - about the notebooks he donated to the Beaux-Arts collection in Paris in 2023. 

Marthe Ramm Fortun - TESTAMENT #3

Tuesday 30 April 2024

7:00pm - 7:30pm

Cour du mûrier

14 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris


As part of the exhibition L'amitié : ce tremble (Friendship: this trembles), taking place at the CRAC Alsace in Altkirch until 12 May, and at the Crédac in Ivry from 28 April to 13 July 2024.

Norwegian artist Marthe Ramm Fortun (born 1978 in Oslo) creates empathetic and meaningful links with her audience through a series of distinct performances and specific sculptural environments.

Marcher pour penser le territoire avec Hamish Fulton

Thursday 4 April 2024

2:00pm - 5:00pm

Amphithéâtre du mûrier

14 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris


The Beaux-Arts de Paris are organising an afternoon of study on the subject of walking and the representation of the territory by artists and researchers.

Le Cercle Chromatique - POOL#1 Curatorial practices and eco-design

Tuesday 30 April 2024

11:00am - 4:00pm

Amphithéâtre du mûrier

14 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris


Cercle Chromatique has invited the French Association of Exhibition Curators (CEA) to present "POOL#1 Curatorial practices and eco-design", a day of conferences and discussions on ecological curatorial practices.

HORS-LES-MURS - Reg-Arts - Networks and sociability: the many facets of the Beaux-Arts de Paris

Friday 5 April 2024

2:00pm - 4:30pm


2 Rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris


Speakers: Isabelle Conte, independent researcher, Séverine Sofio from CNRS, and Claire Dupin de Beyssat from Université Paris 1

Studying at the Beaux-Arts de Paris is not just an academic experience, it also means forging links of various kinds at a key moment in one's life. A wide range of networks are forged: family, artistic, economic, friendly and professional. A sociological approach to the students and their associations will reveal another facet of the School.

HORS-LES-MURS - In the studio of Leonardo Cremonini

From friday 5 april 2024 to wednesday 29 may 2024

Exhibition open Tuesday to Sunday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Pavillon Comtesse de Caen de l’Académie des beaux-arts

Palais de l’Institut de France, 27 quai de Conti, Paris 6e

The Académie des Beaux-Arts will be paying tribute to the graphic work of Leonardo Cremonini, a foreign associate member of the Académie (1925-2010), in an exhibition to be held from 5 April to 29 May 2024 at the Pavillon Comtesse de Caen in partnership with the Beaux-Arts de Paris.

Thanks to donations orchestrated between 2022 and 2024 by Pietro Cremonini, the artist's son, the Beaux-Arts de Paris now own the complete collection of prints by Leonardo Cremonini, a major artist of the second half of the 20th century and head of the painting studio at the École des Beaux-Arts from 1983 to 1992. This unique collection is one of a kind in French and European public collections: in all, some two hundred items covering the one hundred and sixty editions produced by the artist between 1966 and 2009, plus around thirty state proofs which, in addition to their intrinsic beauty, are demonstrative of his way of working.

Although Leonardo Cremonini tried his hand at etching during his studies, it was as a mature and accomplished painter that he returned to printmaking in 1966. From working blindly on the matrix to passing through the press, printmaking was more than a metaphor for his approach as a painter; it enabled him to experience his creative process as an artist in a different way: he surrendered himself fully to this art of the "second time", in which chance and revelation, recurrence and infinity preside, as they do in the creation of his paintings.

Leonardo Cremonini (Bologna, 1925 - Paris, 2010) trained at the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts, then at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. His career as a painter then took him to Paris, where he lived for most of his life, alternating with stays in his studios in Bertinoro, Panarea, Trouville and Florence.

He is associated with painters such as Francis Bacon, Balthus, Roberto Matta, Karl Plattner and Zao Wou-Ki, as well as literary figures who have written extensively about his paintings, including Louis Althusser, Michel Butor, Dino Buzzati, Italo Calvino, Régis Debray, Umberto Eco and Alberto Moravia.

His work has been shown in a number of venues at the heart of the artistic effervescence of his time: Catherine Viviano Gallery in New York, Erica Brausen's Hanover Gallery in London, Max Clarac-Sérou's Galerie du Dragon and Galerie Claude Bernard in Paris. Several retrospectives have been devoted to his work, in museums in Brussels, Basel, Paris, Prague, Tokyo and Milan.
His works are held in some forty museums in Europe and the United States.

"I don't have a message to deliver", said Leonardo Cremonini. His attention was above all focused on the enigma of bodies, places and light. In 2001, he was elected a foreign associate member of the Académie des Beaux-Arts.

Curated by

Anne-Marie Garcia, Honorary Curator General of Heritage, in charge of prints and photography at the Beaux-Arts de Paris from 2015 to 2023.

Anne-Marie Garcia has a doctorate in literature and is an honorary curator of cultural heritage. From 2015 to February 2023 she was in charge of the collections at the Beaux-Arts de Paris. Among the exhibitions she has curated or co-curated are Les Affiches de mai 68, Dieux et Mortels, L'École de la liberté, être artiste à Paris 1648-1817, Charles Garnier un architecte pour un empire, L'Arbre et le photographe, Mark Dion - ExtraNaturel, Images en lutte and Gribouillage, de Léonard de Vinci à Cy Twombly, to name but a few. She is also the author of a book devoted to the place of photography in the collections of the Beaux-Arts, La photographie avec les arts.


To coincide with this exhibition, the first book devoted to the prints of Leonardo Cremonini has been published by Beaux-Arts de Paris éditions with the support of the Académie des beaux-arts.
Reproducing the entire Beaux-Arts de Paris collection, this 400-page work includes the catalogue raisonné of the complete works, written by Anne-Marie Garcia, general curator of heritage and former head of the Beaux-Arts collection, the republication of 6 fundamental texts written by Louis Althusser (1966), Michel Butor (1969), Alberto Moravia (1972), Umberto Eco (1977), Italo Calvino (1984), Jacques Brosse (1987) and Régis Debray (1995), as well as 2 texts by Pietro Cremonini, the artist's son.

Exhibition opens on 1 May 2024