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Julie Coulon & Luc-Andrea Lauras, deux artistes intervenants en milieu scolaire (AIMS) : promotion 2023

Julie Coulon & Luc-Andrea Lauras, two artists (AIMS): class of 2023

Julie Coulon, a 2020 graduate, and Luc-Andrea Lauras, a 2022 graduate, are part of the AIMS class of 2023.


AIMS is a training programme leading to a diploma in ' Artiste Intervenant en Milieu Scolaire - Artist working in schools', aimed at primary and secondary school classes in the towns of Aubervilliers (93), Gennevilliers (92), Montreuil (93), Saint-Denis (93) and Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine (93).


Julie Coulon lives and works in Paris. She studied photography and film at the Beaux-Arts in Paris and the School of Visual Arts in New York. Her images oscillate between staging and documentary, reflecting her approach to fiction through reality.
She is joining the AIMS programme for 2023-2024, offering to co-create film images with a secondary school class, inspired by their own references. This is an opportunity for the artist to continue her research into the relationship between cinema and reality.

Luc-Andrea Lauras lives and works between Paris and Sanilhac-Sagriès (Gard). His sculptural work involves experimenting with materials, drawing inspiration from everyday gestures to create new forms.  
The theme of his project is the shack. This makeshift shelter, whose function is more shelter than dwelling, provides an opportunity to explore the students' relationship with materials, the insertion of the body into urban architecture and the practice of play. 
The project is divided into three phases: exploring the environment and gathering materials, imagining the world around the hut, designing the plans, building it and activating it.


AIMS is supported by the French Ministry of Culture, the Fondation Culture&Diversité and the towns of Saint-Ouen and Gennevilliers. 


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