Ladji DIABY, Armand KOESTINGER, Elise NGUYEN-QUOC and Loïs SZYMCZAK are the winners of the Diptyque 2023 support and take-off scholarships.


Diptyque, a committed patron of Beaux-Arts de Paris since 2022, supports initial training by awarding 4 scholarships to support students in their artistic and professional careers.


In 2023, for this second edition, the four winners are:

Ladji DIABY and Armand KOESTINGER, 3rd year graduates, winners of the support grants. As such, they each receive financial support of €5,000 for 2 years, enabling them to acquire products and materials, and rent space or equipment, to prepare for their graduation with greater peace of mind.


Elise NGUYEN-QUOC and Loïs SZYMCZAK, 5th year graduates, winners of the take-off scholarships. As such, they each receive financial support of €10,000 and one year's guidance from curator Jérôme Sans.


The winners were selected on artistic and social criteria by a pedagogical committee made up of representatives from Beaux-Arts de Paris and the diploma juries.

The winners of the first edition: Isadora SOARES-BELLETTI, Raphaël MAMAN, Hajar SATARI and Séquoia SCAVULLO.



Photo credits: Kyle Keese / Arnaud Renaud / Amélie Bigard / Aurélia Casse