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Manon Gignoux

Prix du dessin contemporain 2020

Manon Gignoux, a 2019 graduate, is the winner of the 2020 edition of Prix du dessin contemporain. This prize, created in 2013 and awarded by the association Le Cabinet des amateurs de dessins des Beaux-Arts de Paris, rewards one of the students or young graduates of the school for their drawings. The prize-winning artist receives €4,500 and one or more of his/her works are acquired by the Cabinet Bonna to enrich its collections.


Selection committee for the 2020 prize: Daniel Guerlain, Nicolas Joly, Laurie Marty de Cambiaire, Sylvie Prouté, Kathy Alliou and Emmanuelle Brugerolles.

Jury 2020 : Stanislas d'Alburquerque (President of the jury), Florence Guerlain, Cecilia Hottinguer, Nathalie Motte and Daniel Thierry.


Through various techniques (photography, sculpture, drawing, performance, sound, installation and writing), Manon Gignoux explores in her work the themes of time passing and transmission, often based on a diverted use of clothing, whose psychological, emotional and sculptural dimensions she reveals. "In constant research, I live the practice of drawing as a thought in movement", explains the artist who sees in her drawn work "lines captured on the spot, masses, repetitions". Essentially abstract, her drawings offer the paradox of the vibrant delicacy of black ink or watercolor, graphite or charcoal lines, which acquire through the play of a layout opposing full and empty a sculptural vigor, echoing the research that the artist conducts on textiles.

Manon Gignoux has participated in several performances, costume creations and scenography in the performing arts and has exhibited several times collectively and individually, in France and abroad. Some of her works have been included in public and private collections.


The artists selected for the 2020 edition : Lina Benzerti, Marine Bikard, Juliette Dennemont, Manon Gignoux, Fabienne Gillmann, Alžběta Wolfova.