Living in the Landscape Chair with Thierry Boutonnier

Wednesday 1 December 2021

7:00pm - 8:00pm

Amphithéâtre des loges

14 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris


Proprioception at work

An overview of the experiences of transitional landscapes through trees and their musicality.

Re-iteration, proprioception: how to lean on a power of the plant to develop a power to act?

Born in 1980 in the South-West of France, Thierry Boutonnier affirms his agricultural filiations and develops his artistic practice by confronting the question of domestication. He mixes arts and sciences of the living during his academic course (ENSBA of Lyon, Concordia University Montreal, IG2E university of Lyon 1, SPEAP, CFPPA of Valentin) and through his collective experiments. He deploys a wide range of singular behaviors that question modernity in the great acceleration. As an artist and arborist, he implements alternatives to confront exploitation and ask the question of our responsibility. Backed by the power of the plant, Thierry Boutonnier works to develop collective projects. Anchoring themselves in specific territories, these works are conceived and co-constructed over a long time in order to weave links with the populations and the local contexts, to bring him to participate in a work and to exchange knowledge and ways which contribute themselves to enrich the work.


Dialogue with Estelle Zhong Mengual, coordinator of the Chair "Inhabiting the Landscape: Art in Search of Life".

With the support of Christian Dior Parfums.


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