Felicità Goodbye Horses (hors les murs)

From friday 18 june 2021 to saturday 10 july 2021

Du mar. au sam. 13h-18h

POUSH Manifesto

6 Boulevard du Général Leclerc, 92110 Clichy

How to continue to create? How not to be crushed by the way things are going? How to stay in motion? The stakes are high, more than ever.

At the initiative of Beaux-Arts de Paris, Felicità Goodbye Horses brings together the thirty or so congratulated artists from the Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2019 and the École nationale supérieure d'art de Bourges in 2019 and 2020.

Since October 2020, the group has been participating in a program of encounters aimed at questioning the modalities of production and circulation of art, and at reflecting collectively on the issues of our contemporary world.

Organized for the first time outside the walls, the exhibition Felicità Goodbye Horses is the result of a collective work. The works have been imagined to occupy a floor of 800m2 of POUSH Manifesto.

A website and a publication accompany the exhibition.
Curated by Mélanie Bouteloup.


Borrowing its title from the bewitching melody of Q. Lazzarus' haunting melody, repeated so many times and yet remaining so singular, Felicità Goodbye Horses seeks to make us apprehend the world beyond its material condition. It proposes to experience all the vitality of our intense proximity, in its most ardent nuances and contradictions, in a world in perpetual contagion. Life is always connected to the life of another. What if we stopped the big speeches and simply reconnected to each other? What if we really looked into each other's eyes? What if we talked about our doubts, fragilities and difficulties?

By intensifying our connections in a sprawling way, we become more and more elusive. Neither live nor die, but metamorphose. Like an octopus, feel the living with its thousands of suction cups, one by one, glue, unglue and glue again. To seek to intensify our coexistence, taking into account our most varied forms of life and sensibilities. We are all vulnerable. Felicità Goodbye Horses aspires to transcend this violence that suffocates us and try to develop other ways of getting in touch, talking to each other, exchanging, being together and coexisting



Among the 109 students who graduated, 16 received congratulations from the jury chaired by Mélanie Bouteloup and composed of Elise Atangana, Alain Berland, Ingrid Luquet-Gad, Franck Scurti and Alain Séchas.


Léo Chalié, Émile Copello, Gwendal Coulon, Pierre Delmas, Stéphane Gilles-Pick, Matthieu Hemmer, Cham Lavant, Garie Mirhon, Mathis Perron, Hatice Pinarbasi, Benoît Ponty, Sacha Rey, Caisa Sandgren, Anaïs Tohé-Commaret, Vincent Volkart and Yi Yang.


Among the 17 students who graduated in 2019, 7 were congratulated by the jury chaired by Séverine Hubard, visual artist, and composed of Sylvie Lopez-Jacob, president of the thesis defense jury, doctor of philosophy and teacher, Vincent Carlier, visual artist and teacher, Gregory Buchert, visual artist, and Nicolas Hérubel, teacher at Ensa Bourges.

Among the 16 students who graduated in 2020, 6 were congratulated by the jury presided by Muriel Pic, author, and composed of Éric Foucault, artistic director, Sammy Engramer, visual artist, Sara Ouhaddou, visual artist, and Éric Aupol, teacher at Ensa Bourges.


Germain Bruyas, Solène Charton, Charlotte Chicot, Tifaine Coignoux, Justine Gagner, Lucile Lacape, Maeline Li, Sihui Liu, Étienne Meignant, Nina M.W. Queissner, Thomas Thuaux, Élise Voët, Huo Yunong


Conceived as a sort of post-graduation program (October 2020 - May 2021), the meetings were intended to accompany the thirty or so congratulated artists who graduated from Beaux-Arts de Paris and Ensa Bourges at a time when the Covid pandemic was sweeping the world. It gave rise to a one-week residency in
Lizières (Epaux-Bézu) in February 2021 under the artistic direction of Ramuntcho Matta and workshops at POUSH (Clichy) between April and May with the artists Franck Leibovici, Neil Beloufa and Emmanuelle Lainé. The students of the master Sciences et techniques de l'exposition (Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne), directed by Christophe Viart, were invited to participate in the writing of texts around the artists of Felicità Goodbye Horses.


Designed by Maxime Gambus, the Felicità Goodbye Horses website reports on the program of meetings via an online journal. The contributions that appear on it mix works, winks and other shares (playlist, life forms) resulting from almost daily conversations with the thirty or so artists participating in the program. The site is accessible from the Atlas of Beaux-Arts de Paris.



The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog in French.
Preface by Jean de Loisy, Jeanne Gailhoustet and POUSH Manifesto.
Interview between Mélanie Bouteloup and DSM4xzxzxzw.
A first part is dedicated to a diary reporting on the concerns, work processes and references of the artists of Felicità Goodbye Horses. A second part presents interviews conducted with a team of guest critics and curators (Charlotte Cosson, Anaïd Demir, Camille Paulhan, Anne-Laure Peressin, Elisa Rigoulet and Ann-Lou Vicente).

Graphic design by Agnès Dahan Studio.
About 200 pages
Price: 15€.
(available in the exhibition)


Felicità Goodbye Horses
June 18th - July 10th 2021

POUSH Manifesto 6 Boulevard du Général Leclerc, 92110 Clichy
From tuesday to saturday 1pm-6pm
Free entrance on registration




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