Il est plus beau d’éclairer que de briller seulement

From tuesday 8 october 2019 to friday 13 december 2019

Collège des Bernardins

20 rue de Poissy, 75005

Anne Rochette, a teacher at Beaux-Arts de Paris, will exhibit alongside Gwendoline Perrigueux and Cyril Zarcone, two of her former students who have become contemporary artists and are represented today by the Galerie Eric Mouchet.

Through a selection of specially created works, the exhibition offers the unique concept of a dialogue between a teacher and two young artists.

The idea behind this exhibition is to question the imperceptible, even invisible traces of the notion of transmission, envisaged as a journey, a gateway, a learning process and not an end in itself. By breaking with the classical and sometimes archaic vision of the traditionally instilled master/student relationship, the exhibition moves onto entirely new ground: boundaries are blurred and there’s a balancing of differences, a triangularity between three artistic proposals, which dialogue with each other.

The common ground of the three artists here lies in the notion of space and volume. Sculptures raised up, on the ground, vertical or horizontal and installations in metal, wood and earthenware tiles find their place under the sacristy’s historic vaults.


20 rue de Poissy 75005 paris

Du 9 octobre au 14 décembre 2019

Ancienne sacristie

Free entry

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