Jérôme Zonder

From wednesday 15 may 2019 to saturday 29 june 2019

Cabinet de dessins Jean Bonna

14 rue Bonaparte, 75006

Beaux-Arts de Paris’s reputation is very much founded in its drawing collections and teaching. In the spring, the Cabinet des Dessins inaugurates a new cycle dedicated to artists graduating from the school who are making their mark on the international scene.

Very popular with the public for his new approach in the field of drawing, Jérôme Zonder is given pride of place in 2019.

With this exhibition, Jérôme Zonder wanted to explore portraiture in relation to two works in the collection: the Portrait of Henri Regnault by Thomas Couture, and a recent acquisition, the Portrait of Pierre Gillet by Hyacinthe Rigaud. Eighteen portraits, three of which are monumental in size, will be hung on the walls of the Cabinet des Dessins, the first names of the models being taken as the titles of these works, not forgetting, of course, the artist’s first name in the case of self-portraits.

Curated by Emmanuelle Brugerolles

Beaux-Arts de Paris
Cabinet des dessins Jean Bonna
14, rue Bonaparte
75006 Paris

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Vue de l'exposition