Le Théâtre des Expositions - Act 3

From thursday 10 june 2021 to sunday 18 july 2021

Du mer. au dim. 13h-19h (Nocturne le mercredi jusqu’à 21h)

Palais des Beaux-Arts

13 quai Malaquais

Admission without prior reservation

For the first time, until 2022, the programme of the Palais des Beaux-Arts is entirely conceived, developed and implemented by the 25 students of the "Artists & Exhibition Professions" course and the 11 young curators in residence at the Beaux-Arts de Paris. Crû, L'eau et les rêves, Orbital orchestra, discover the new projects of Act 3 of the Theatre of Exhibitions, presented in a set of rooms fitted out for the occasion. Each in its own way, these exhibitions cross time by confronting the heritage works of the School's collections with the contemporary works of professors and students. This joyful experimental laboratory brings into play the very principle of the exhibition with forms that are still unspecified and sometimes confusing.

From March 2021 to January 2022, masterpieces from the collections of the Beaux-Arts de Paris and the creations of young artists from the School and their teachers are brought together in a succession of exhibitions. This composite piece will feature both fully completed works and others still being put together or even developed. It is written by the students of the first two classes of the "Artists & Exhibition Professions" course at the Beaux-Arts de Paris*, accompanied by young curators in residence and guided by the School's curators, theoreticians, professors and staff.


Le Théâtre des expositions is developed and produced by the first two classes of the "Artists & Exhibition Professions" course:

Class of 2019/2020 : Lina Benzerti, Brune Doummar, Milana Dzhabrailova, Sarah Konté, Corentin Leber, Chongyan Liu, Victoire Mangez, Bram Niesz, Yannis Ouaked, Violette Wood, Kenza Zizi.
Curators in Residence 2019/2020: Simona Dvořáková, Marie Grihon, César Kaci, Alice Narcy, Esteban Neveu Ponce.

Class of 2020/2021 : Soraya Abdelhouaret, Paul-Emile Bertonèche, Yucegul Cirak, Andreas Fevrier, Daniel Galicia, Alexandre Gras, Raphael Guillet, Thibault Hiss, Hélène Janicot, Elladj Lincy, Anna Oarda, Céleste Philippot, Océane Pilastre, Libo Wei.
Curators in Residence 2020/20201 Noam Alon, Antoine Duchenet, Lou Ferrand, Céline Furet, Juliette Hage, Lila Torqueo.


Le Théâtre des expositions is activated by a live programme: performances, concerts, readings, screenings, two-voice visits, sound interventions or radio transmissions. From 9 June onwards, you will be able to listen to live broadcasts on Wednesdays at the end of the day and on Facebook (until 9pm).

Radio Bal, the Beaux-Arts de Paris students' web radio, led by Lou Olmos Arsenne and Pierlouis Clavel, will be broadcasting regularly as a podcast in connection with Le Théâtre des expositions. Among the programmes offered will be the quasi-interviews of arthur dokhan, a 5th year student, according to the principle: "everyone knows the answers to my questions. start nowhere, talk about everything, and end there".


* Created in 2019, the "Artists & Exhibition Professions" programme is directed and coordinated by the exhibition and public services. It enables 3rd and 4th year students to train in production, management, scenography, mediation and all professions related to the presentation and dissemination of art. As part of this training, a residency is offered to young curators who can work for a year at the Beaux-Arts de Paris. The "Artists & Exhibition Professions" programme at the Beaux-Arts de Paris is designed in partnership with the Palais de Tokyo.


Act 3

Crû / du 10 juin au 18 juillet 2021

As hunter-gatherers, the artists gathered in this exhibition are part of a culture of the object of use that absorbs the products of last necessity, gleaned from the internet and supermarkets.
Using sampled or simulated industrial forms, they put our standards into perspective in order to question the autonomy and affective charge of things. Their operations - remake, pastiche, collection, post-production - meet in the same effect of disappropriation.
Without possessing them, the artists associate themselves with materials, sanitized when they present themselves as standards, vibrant as soon as they reconstitute things. Meaningful forms and archetypes become foreign to us, like Others endowed with (in)organic sensitivity.

These complicit and porous bodies influence and contaminate each other as if in a digestive system that returns the normalised forms to their original energy. In the proto-loft that brings them together here, these inert, non-living or abject things are charged with affect and escape our definitions. In contrast to the normative language that shapes our bodies and the gadgets that automate our habits, the material reality of desire manifests itself behind closed doors.

Artists presented: Marika Belle, Max Coulon, Gabriel Day, Clément Erhardy, Elisa Florimond, Victoire Gonzalvez, Marie Grihon, Nastassia Kotava, Pablo Lacoste, Romain Landi, Lucille Leger, Mélanie Matranga, Samya Moineaud, Rafael Moreno

Curator: Lila Torquéo (curator in residence), with Raphaël Guillet and Thibault Hiss (students in the "Artists & Artists" programme).
from the "Artists & Exhibition Professions" course).


L'eau et les rêves / du 10 juin au 18 juillet 2021

Water and Dreams is inspired by the literary work of Gaston Bachelard and his thoughts on the "morality of water". The exhibition swims, or even drifts, through a selection of sketches painted by students of the Beaux-Arts in Paris in the 19th century. These thermal architectures, characteristic of the School's programmes under the Second Empire, reflect the "thermal fever" that was spreading throughout France at the same time, with the appearance of spa towns near and in the heart of the mountain ranges. In the centre of these imaginary buildings, the sculptures of the students of the Laboratoire Matière/Espace are like fragments of architecture bathed in watercolour water. They bear witness to the possible existence of a world emerging at the crossroads of two centuries. Each one in its own way evokes the memory of a place, a moment or a sensation: a passage in the forest, a swim, hot stones, water and dreams.

Artists presented: Darta Sidere, Théo Krief, Léonore Destres, Vincent Cardoso, Soraya Abdelhouaret, Fanny Magnabal, Pier Sparta Alexandre-Auguste-Louis Marcel (1860-1928), Marcel Deslignières (1847-1914)

Curator: Emmanuelle Brugerolles, curator of drawings at the Beaux-Arts de Paris and Océane Pilastre, student in the "Artists & Exhibition Professions" course


Orbital Orchestra / du 16 juin au 18 juillet 2021

As part of the "Supersonic: exhibiting, editing, inhabiting sound" chair, students from the Beaux-Arts de Paris were able to collaborate with composers from IRCAM to compose sound and visual works together and thus imagine a collective exhibition, Orbital Orchestra. This collaboration takes the form of a digital score activated by a central sound device, collectively imagined and programmed by IRCAM's computer music producers.

With students from the Beaux-Arts de Paris: Inès Cherifi, Pierlouis Clavel, Héloïse Delcros, Sarah Konte, Meret Kraft, Thomas Lefèvre, Anaïs Legros, Marc Lohner and Aliha Thalien.

Guest artists: Louise Le Pape, Edie and Hashim Mboreha and IRCAM composers: Sofia Avramidou, Oren Boneh, Didem Coskunseven and Maxime Mantovani.

The Supersonic Chair is supervised by Vincent Rioux (head of the digital pole), Angelica Mesiti, Julien Prévieux and Julien Sirjacq (artist workshop leaders) for the Beaux-Arts de Paris, and Grégoire Lorieux and Sébastien Naves (computer music directors in charge of teaching) for IRCAM. They are accompanied by Céline Furet and Juliette Hage (curators in residence), Soraya Abdelhouaret and Yucegul Cirak (students in the "Artists & Exhibition Professions" programme).

Scenography: Félicie Baguette dit Michael, Salomé Bégou, Chloé Redelinger, students of Ecole nationale supérieure d'architecture Paris-Malaquais.

Graphic design: Chloé Poitevin





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