Le Théâtre des Expositions - Acte 1

From wednesday 3 march 2021 to sunday 4 april 2021

Wed. to Sat. 1-6pm

Palais des Beaux-Arts

13 quai Malaquais, 75006 Paris

For the first time, until 2022, the programme of the Palais des Beaux-Arts is entirely designed, developed and implemented by the 25 students of the "Artists & Exhibition Professions" course and the 11 young curators in residence at the Beaux-Arts de Paris. From 14 April to 29 May 2021, discover the seven new projects of Act 2 of the Theatre of Exhibitions, presented in a series of rooms fitted out for the occasion. Each in its own way, these exhibitions cross time by confronting the heritage works of the School's collections with the contemporary works of professors and students. This joyful, disorderly and experimental laboratory challenges the very principle of the exhibition with forms that are still unspeakable and sometimes confusing.

From March 2021 to January 2022, masterpieces from the collections of the Beaux-Arts de Paris and the creations of young artists from the School and their teachers are brought together in a succession of exhibitions. This composite piece will feature both fully completed works and others still being put together or even developed. It is written by the students of the first two classes of the "Artists & Exhibition Professions" course at the Beaux-Arts de Paris*, accompanied by young curators in residence and guided by the School's curators, theoreticians, professors and staff.

The Exhibition Theatre will be brought to life with a programme of live performances, concerts, readings, screenings, two-voice visits, sound interventions or radio transmissions on Radio Bal. See you on Thursdays and Fridays from 2.30 pm live on Facebook.


The Exhibition Theatre is developed and produced by the first two classes of the "Artists & Exhibition Professions" course:

Class of 2019/2020: Lina Benzerti, Brune Doummar, Milana Dzhabrailova, Sarah Konté, Corentin Leber, Chongyan Liu, Victoire Mangez, Bram Niesz, Yannis Ouaked, Violette Wood, Kenza Zizi.
Curators in residence 2019/2020: Simona Dvořáková, Marie Grihon, César Kaci, Alice Narcy, Esteban Neveu Ponce.

Class of 2020/2021: Soraya Abdelhouaret, Paul-Emile Bertonèche, Yucegul Cirak, Andreas Fevrier, Daniel Galicia, Alexandre Gras, Raphael Guillet, Thibault Hiss, Hélène Janicot, Elladj Lincy, Anna Oarda, Céleste Philippot, Océane Pilastre, Libo Wei.
Curators in residence 2020/2021: Noam Alon, Antoine Duchenet, Lou Ferrand, Céline Furet, Juliette Hage, Lila Torqueo.

* Created in 2019, the "Artists & Exhibition Professions" programme is directed and coordinated by the exhibition and public services departments. It enables 3rd and 4th year students to train in production, stage management, scenography, mediation and all professions related to the presentation and dissemination of art. As part of this training, a residency is offered to young curators who can work for a year at the Beaux-Arts de Paris. The "Artists & Exhibition Professions" programme at the Beaux-Arts de Paris is designed in partnership with the Palais de Tokyo.


Acte 1

À la recherche de toujours / from March 3 to 28, 2021

This exhibition brings together the work of student artists at the Beaux-Arts de Paris and invited artists to explore the aesthetic and ideological influences of the Middle Ages on the contemporary world. The exhibition takes the form of a game board strewn with dragons, churches, armors or magic plants. Reinventing modern myths, imagining a pre-capitalist or pre-patriarchal utopia or even a post-collapse Roman Empire utopia, rethinking production techniques, these are just a few of the avenues that motivate artists, designers and philosophers to seize the fantastic universe of the Middle Ages in our time. In all these themes, the exhibition focuses more specifically on the use of fiction through games: video games, role-playing games, sets and costumes, Warhammer game table and cosplay costume.

Curator: César Kaci, resident curator of the "Exhibition Professions" program and Violette Wood (assistant curator, student of the program)

Production team: Liu Chongyan, Sarah Konté, Marie Grihon, Yannis Ouaked, Kenza Zizi (students in the program)

Sound performances, concerts and the presence of derivative objects for sale in the bookstore will be part of the project.


Eaux d'artifice / from March 3 to 28, 2021

As an element of purification that welcomes the child into the community of the living through baptism as well as a weapon of divine punishment during the flood, water has had a dual image since the first Christian texts. It retains this ambiguity over the centuries, passing from a rare element of first necessity in the medieval period and its wells to an ornamental component of the fairy tale of the century of Louis XIV. Eaux d'artifice, which borrows its title from Kenneth Anger's film, explores - through a selection of printed books from the collection of the Beaux-Arts de Paris and a drawing, specially conceived by the two co-curators Victoire Mangez and Juliette Green - this metamorphosis of water into an ornament: from the thin, hidden resource of the well to the enlarged basin of the fountain, from medieval illuminations to the Grandes Eaux of Versailles.

Curator: Alexandre Leducq, curator of manuscripts and prints, with Victoire Mangez (exhibition skills) and Juliette Green, a 2020 graduate of the Beaux-Arts de Paris

Guided tours of the exhibition will be offered by Alexandre Leducq and Victoire Mangez.


Mon chien mon avenir / from March 3 to 28, 2021

The dog in question here is a metaphor for art from the artist's point of view: "his" art, "his" production, "his" artistic practice - that thing that itches and follows the artist when he turns around; we throw it a bone, it's not enough, it asks for more. It is then necessary to tame it, to speak to it, to look after it, to play with it, so that perhaps it answers us. We no longer know who belongs to the dog or to the master, to the artist or to his production. Conscious of the uncertainty of the future, but with the certainty that there is one, the exhibition proposes here wandering gestures, images under the coat, forms by strata. They have been obtained by simple actions: to damage, to dismantle, to gather, to pierce, to scratch. The dog wanders: here are leaves that greet you, a pile of bones that come to life, a bar full of holes that never stays thirsty, assemblages of wires and plastics that litter the studio floor, sunflowers with gaping hearts, a dog drawn with a lighter that bites its own tail...

Curator: Marie Grihon, curator-in-residence, "Exhibition Professions" program

Sound experimentation projects will accompany the exhibition.


Des Feux comme des Aurores / March 3 to April 4, 2021

This exhibition brings together artists whose work - and more specifically its conception (mental, formal) - seems to be animated by a common logic: the perpetual movement, the constant mutation of bodies, the indeterminacy of form and the desire of accomplishment dedicated by the matter in it. The works presented, all full of strength and a contained impetus, are living, vibrant forms, animated by a breath, a presence, and pose an assumed look at their origins and their future.

Curator: Esteban Neveu Ponce, resident curator, "Exhibition Professions" program

Guided tours of the exhibition will be offered.


Abes Fabes Kartoflyabes / March 3 to April 4, 2021

Abes Fabes Kartoflyabes is a magic formula used by the creatures of the Nordic mythology to operate on the humans a reduction of scale. Photography leaves its vernacular terrain and its nostalgia for travel to exist as a trace and as evidence. Through the prism of photography, an ignored dimension is revealed where the gaze is no longer absorbed in a reality that exceeds and engulfs it, but involved in a distance that allows it to understand forgotten mechanisms, to perceive imperceptible details, realities invisible to the naked eye. Tiling of silent horizons but not without echoes to the primitive language of the landscape. An attempt to free our habits of looking to see what we no longer see because of our pictorial culture.

Artists presented : Parissa Babaei, Raphaëlle Bertran, Clara Champsaur, Alex Huanfa Cheng, Thibaut Cuisset, Julie Deck Marsault, Julia Dupont, Patxi Endara, Perrine Géliot, Juliette Guidoni, Valentin Hallie Cadol, Isabella Hin, Halldora Magnúsdóttir, Nyima Marin, Romain Moncet, Jean-Baptiste Monteil, Gaspar Nicoulaud, Constance Nouvel, Lucie Payoux, Myriam Pouhamad, Lia Pradal, Pablo Prietto, Quentin Robillard, Lucille Soussan, Sarkis Torossian, Eugénie Touzé, Sergio Valenzuela-Ecobedo, Mezli Vega

Curator: Alice Narcy, resident curator, "Exhibition professions" program

Sound experimentation projects will accompany the exhibition.


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