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National Association of Public Preparatory Courses for Art Schools (APPÉA)

VIA FERRATA is part of APPÉA, a network of 24 public preparatory classes for higher art and design schools throughout France.

These classes prepare students for the entrance exams to the higher art and design schools supervised by the French Ministry of Culture (ANdÉA), as well as their counterparts abroad (ELIA).

Some of these classes also offer preparation for schools of applied arts and architecture.
In all cases, they provide preparation for 3- and 5-year courses leading to Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

APPÉA preparatory classes are governed by a charter and approved by the French Ministry of Culture (decree of May 2, 2017). As such, they are authorized to receive scholarship students and provide access to student social security and CROUS housing in accordance with current criteria. While APPÉA preparatory classes do not award ECTS (or credits), at the end of their training they award a certificate of completion required by the Ministry of Culture, which accredits them.