Our former students are graduating!

DNA or DNSEP (equivalent to a bachelor's or master's degree), they've come a long way since coming through VIA FERRATA!


In this article, we focus on Carolina de la Roche's graduation from the Patrick Faigenbaum studio, a 3rd-year student at the Paris School of Fine Arts:

I'm inspired by the strange language of nature, its constant metamorphoses and the traces that remain when one element emerges and another disintegrates. I combine textures with materials that are often salvaged and steeped in history, highlighting an irregular, organic character. Without having a formal code, I prefer to court the accidental and welcome the unexpected. I decontextualize different elements to create new dialogues. So I thought of staging a show in 3 acts. Composing an immaterial, non-static art form as a collective, with the authenticity and individuality of each creator. The music and performance evoke the dreamlike, intimate, fragile and sometimes violent aspects present in my other compositions.