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The graduates / Dayane Obadia

Our former students are graduating!

DNA or DNSEP (equivalent to a bachelor's or master's degree), what a long way they've come since coming through VIA FERRATA!


In this article, we focus on Dayane Obadia's graduation from the James Rielly studio, a 3rd-year student at the Paris School of Fine Arts:


It seemed to a man in a dream - it was a waking dream - that he was fat with nothingness as a woman is fat with child, and in this nothingness, God was born: he was the fruit of nothingness, God was born in nothingness. That's why he says: "Paul rose from the ground and, with open eyes, saw nothingness." He saw God, in whom all creatures are nothing. He saw all creatures because God has in him the being of all creatures. He is a being who possesses the totality of Being.