©Hugo Aymar

2023-2024 exhibition visit program

Every Saturday, VIA FERRATA's fifty students, divided into two groups, meet alternately in front of a museum, art center or private collection of modern or contemporary art for an exhibition visit with Daphné Brottet.

 "In spaces structured specifically for an exhibition, we explore certain works, but also the scenographic particularities created by the curators. We circulate, observe, discuss, and sketch out snippets of temporary interpretations.

Well aware of the fragmentary dimension of these fully subjective discoveries, which engage both body and mind, we take the time to see, feel and apprehend the works in their singularity and, more broadly, according to their specific situation of cohabitation with other pieces. We then deduce the internal lines of the composed itineraries, and consider the richness of this montage.

At the end of each session, the students choose one or more of the works identified during the first itinerary; then, working alone, they write a short text within a given timeframe. Each student, having retained the general framework of an analysis carried out collectively several hours earlier, puts to the test the means of expressing his or her vision. The invisible writing of the wanderings is materialized in a handwritten, musical and personal style, sometimes poetic (on one or more pages extracted from the croqui notebook).

Everyone experiences the ever-renewed plastic and organic relationships between meaning and words, language and languages, the production of multiple narratives, and the place of the spectator. Experimenting with words, site and ground, viewers become the authors of unedited statements.

These traces of a specific moment then feed into exchanges around the first plastic proposals and aesthetic reflections produced in the workshop. Examination of the various issues raised by these artistic and curatorial projects quickly leads VIA FERRATA students along the path of (re)questioning certainties, reflection and research".

Daphné Brottet