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Beaux-Arts de Paris offers courses open to the international scene. The diversity and quality of its partners abroad, among which are the best institutions of higher artistic education, allow it to offer its students a wide range of courses and experiences abroad: study trips, workshops, exhibitions, etc.


This international dimension present throughout the course is reinforced at the level of the second cycle of studies with the support of individual student mobility projects. Students enrolled in the fourth year have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad for a study stay in a prestigious or atypical art school, a professional internship, or a specific learning project, known as "off-track", carried out by immersion in an original environment. 


Student mobility is supported by the European Union's Erasmus+ program, the Ile-de-France Regional Council's AMIE program, the Franco-German Youth Office and the Malatier-Jacquet Foundation.


Finally, Beaux-Arts de Paris has undertaken a reinforced cooperation with the Tokyo University of the Arts (TUA) in 2015, within the framework of the "Global Art Practice" program. This in-situ research program focuses on the multidisciplinarity and societal dimension of art. Each year, about twenty students take part in an intensive training course based on the workshop model, an artist-in-residence in immersion, and the setting up of a collective exhibition/performance, alternately in France and Japan.


Since its creation, this program has benefited from the support of several patrons and partners: Bourjois, Domaine national de Chambord, Carmignac Foundation, Institut français, Lefranc-Bourgeois, Lupicia.



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