Modelling Teacher

At Laurent Esquerré, drawings, paintings, installations or visual poetry play the same tune and respond to each other. Sculpture only arrived in his career after a stay in Vietri sul Mare where he learned about modeling. Since then, the artist has experimented with the most diverse materials: from wood to wax, including welded metal, aluminum foil and clay, which has become his favorite medium. His universe is infinitely populated by hybrid beings of disturbing strangeness, drawn from the heart of popular culture, art history, the sacred and literature. Everything in his art is emergent and eruptive, romantic and heroic, to express the preeminence of the visual in art and to materialize its audacity without fear of going against the grain.

His works are regularly exhibited in France and abroad: Ceramic Circuit at the Museum of Decorative Arts (Paris, 2010), Body & Soul at the Museum of Art and Design (New York, 2013), Fishes of air at the Galerie Saint-Séverin (Paris, 2017)… From 2012, he turned to monumental in situ sculpture, including the public commission, Les Quatre Vivants, produced for the Saint-Pierre Cathedral (Rennes, 2019) in is the last example.