& Eva Nielsen

Cheffes d'atelier

Trained at the École Supérieure d’Art in Nancy, then at the Beaux-Arts in Paris, from which she graduated in 2009, Mireille Blanc also studied at the Slade School of Fine Arts, in London.

She practices painting entirely focused on the question of the image, its reproduction from photographic documents taken from albums, archives or shots that she takes, thus raising the question of going beyond the image photographic through painting. His reflection concerns as much the painted surface – often creamy – as the frame. What is painted is not the photograph as an image but the photographic object itself.

Her work was recently the subject of a monographic exhibition at the FRAC Auvergne and personal exhibitions at the Anne-Sarah Bénichou gallery (Paris) and The Pill gallery (Istanbul), which represent her. Among its group exhibitions: Museum of modern and contemporary art of Sables-d'Olonne, Estrine Museum, the Unique Place, Art Center A hundred meters from the center of the world, Albada Jelgersma Gallery (Amsterdam), Rolin Museum, Crozatier Museum , CAC Meymac, Kunstwerk Carlhütte (Hamburg), Dole Museum of Fine Arts.

Mireille Blanc is the winner of the Verdaguer Prize of the Academy of Fine Arts and the November Painting Prize in Vitry.

Eva Nielsen explores the border between painting and photography, creating a permeability between these two media. Faced with his paintings, uncertainties appear about the nature of the image that is constituted in our retina. Peri-urban areas, views of desolate nature, intermediate spaces, landscapes and architectural elements combine in different strata which evoke the constitution by sedimentation of the fragments of territories that they represent. Concrete architectures, blinds, collective furniture become frameworks structuring our relationship with space. Thus, Eva Nielsen's paintings shift these urban visions into a dreamlike strangeness, a sort of transfigured everyday life. Territories disturbed, abandoned and crossed by disasters or natural disasters, his paintings are constructed through multiple visions of the landscape: desert, dry, with concrete areas - born or urban. Surveying territories is at the origin of his approach to painting. Places under reconstruction or artificial spaces, Eva Nielsen blurs our bearings by “fabricating” disturbing images.

Eva Nielsen has participated in several group exhibitions; his work has also been presented during monographic exhibitions in Paris (Galerie Jousse Entreprise) and Istanbul (The Pill) and is part of several public and private collections (Mac /Val, FMAC, Musée de Rochechouart, CNAP, Frac Auvergne… ).



Photo credit: Vincent Ferrane