After studying art history at the University of East Anglia (MA), Anna Voke trained in ceramics in the studio of Michael Heckmann in southern Germany (Gesellenbrief), then worked in numerous European workshops, including the Don du Fel European Center for Ceramics, which allows it to perfect a diversity of shaping techniques, to master salt glazing and wood firing.

She develops a practice of architectural ceramics in response to a reflection on materials and their provenance, integrating a practice of surveying territories and geo-sourcing of materials. His work questions the links between the perception and surveying of a landscape, the context of the Anthropocene and the potential of ceramics to plastically transcribe experiences, through the notions of materiality and memory. Since the end of 2021, she has been preparing a research-creation thesis on architectural ceramics within the Acte Institute at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.