Beaux-Arts de Paris has launched a dynamic and proactive policy of historical enrichment of its collections, which revives their primary vocation that is inseparable from their setting: the school. New acquisitions are thus aimed at constituting a corpus of works by singular and major figures, known and unknown, to introduce students to the artists who were at the foundation of the art of the twentieth century.

Frontispice pour fables et contes de Thierry-Faletans, 1868 Lithography applied on China paper, extremely rare proof of the 1st state, 25,2 x 20,5 cm; sheet 48,6 x 32,1 cm © Beaux-Arts de Paris


Rodolphe Bresdin

La Femme travestie (version 1), 1974 Unsigned, silver print on paper, 24 x 18,3 cm © Beaux-Arts de Paris


Michel Journiac

Pose 2, 19 avril 1973 Silver print, 13 x 9 cm © Beaux-Arts de Paris


Marcel Bascoulard

Barbette (Vander Clyde), 1926 Silver salts paper print, 23,7 x 17,2 cm © Beaux-Arts de Paris


Man Ray

Autoportrait debout, La Fleur du paradis or La Fille magique, 1957 Photomontage (head and buttocks on the same level) Silver print on glossy paper, 10,5 x 7 cm © Beaux-Arts de Paris


Pierre Molinier

Cubomanie intitulée « Madone du Bourgmestre Meyer (d’après Holbein) », 1983 Collage de photographies sur carton monté sur panneau de bois, 34,5 x 26 cm © Beaux-Arts de Paris


Gherasim Luca

Le Château de Corbus, 1860 Brown wash and Indian ink, red and white gouache, 23 x 15 cm © Beaux-Arts de Paris


Victor Hugo